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Acupuncture for Cancer Treatment Support


Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine can be effective to help cancer patients manage their pain and symptoms of the disease and side effects of treatment. They can be effective for managing pain related to tumors and surgery, and reducing the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Acupuncture helps modulate the immune system to increase immune response and decrease risk of infection. It has been shown to reduce the intensity of nausea and vomiting in patients receiving chemotherapy.


Additionally, Acupuncture can benefit cancer patients in the following ways:


1) Pain management from cancer or tumor, thereby improving a patient's quality of life and promoting a sense of well-being

2) Reduce side effects from chemotherapy and radiation

3) Reduce post surgery symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, bloating and constipation

4) Helping to raise low blood count as a result of chemotherapy and radiation

5) Restore a healthy and functioning immune system

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